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Testimonials: Testimonials

Britta J.

Captivated Canine is incredible dog training. She goes above and beyond to make sure you and your dog understand the trainings.

Ally is absolutely amazing with dogs! She has helped our 1 year old golden doodle Miah work hard on not only her obedience skills but fun tricks like: wave, bow, or selfie. Ally is also extremely knowledgeable about tips and tricks around your house for things like when your dog jumps on the counter, what to do so they don’t bark out your window, or how to stop them from being afraid of certain things. She even helped us figure out what foods to give our dog when she would eat something bad, or how to protect her feet from being dry in the winter. Ally is incredibly encouraging and loving. She has great treat recommendations and dogs and people love her! Plus what’s not to love about cute pictures with your beloved pets at holidays. Ally does it all!

Kerry F. 

Captivated Canine is incredible dog training. I used Ally’s services to train my cavapoo in all elements of obedience training. She goes above and beyond to make sure you and your dog understand the trainings. My dog knows so many cues such as sit, lay, wave, crawl, roll over, heal, pray, bang, and shake to name a few! I would definitely recommend Ally’s dog services to anyone who is looking for dog training that actually works! My second cavapoo will be utilizing Ally as well.

Britta J.

I could not be more pleased with the outcome of the training courses that my girls successfully graduated from. Ally is incredibly knowledgeable in teaching you how to successfully train your puppies/dogs basic manners, commands of varying degrees of difficulty, and a wide variety of fun tricks! She understands how to properly communicate with dogs, so they can fully understand what’s being asked of them. She takes time to ensure your dog is successful in training, as is patient in teaching owners how to properly train their dogs. She truly cares about all dogs, regardless of breed or level of training they have or have not had. 
Taking my girls to classes with Ally, was the best decision I’ve ever made as a pet owner. I highly recommend her for any level of training your dog may need!!

Missy R.

When my husband and I discussed buying a puppy I was nervous about the idea of getting a dog again. In the past I had adopted a puppy and ended up re-homing him because I could not potty train him, it was a disaster. I agreed to getting a puppy, but only if we had a dog trainer to help us make sure everything went smoothly. That’s when we found Allison. She met with us twice before we even picked up our Aussiedoodle puppy, Kooper. She made sure we had a plan so that everything went well for us and Kooper. Kooper has been home for several months now and because of Allison’s expert guidance he is a delight. We regularly receive compliments from friends and family about what a great puppy he is, but that’s not by chance! Not only did Allison helped us successfully navigate my biggest concern- potty training- (by 3 months old Kooper stopped having accidents in the house!), but she also guided us through how to deal with barking, jumping up on us and guests, chewing, crate training, and teaching him to sleep on just my husband’s side of the bed, then later teaching him to sleep on the floor when my husband wanted more room on his half of the bed! She helped us with everything from what paw wax to buy for the snow, how to go on hikes with Kooper off the leash, and she even squeezed in an emergency lesson when Kooper started digging in the landscaping. Any time Kooper would start doing something we didn’t like Allison would help us reshape his behavior. Kooper would not be the amazing puppy he is without Allison’s wisdom. She has made adding Kooper to our lives a wonderful experience.

Cassie & Karl V.

I can't say enough great things about Ally's dog training services! We worked with Ally from beginner training all the way to advanced training. Each session, Ally was patient, understanding, and always able to provide quality direction/answers to our questions. She knew everything from basic training/care to fun tricks. It made caring for our dog a lot easier because of the knowledge we gained through each session. Plus, we walked away knowing so many commands (sit, stay, focus, heel, and so many more.) My favorite part is that my dog is now a truly great walking companion - no pulling or veering.

Allie G.

Ally is amazing. With her knowledge she has exceeded all of my expectations with my dog Sam. I appreciated her encouragement; I was sad at the state Sam was in and with Ally’s help he has blossomed and has more potential to fulfill. She helped make what I thought impossible possible. Thank you Ally!

Melody K

10/10 - highly recommend! Ally is knowledgeable, patient, and kind. She has taught my pup and me SO much. And my puppy Koda absolutely adores her.

Lindsey B.

Ally is a miracle worker! She’s helped me train my pups from day one, there’s no one else I would trust with the job! I’ve known Ally for over two years and she very quickly became a great friend. If you need someone who genuinely cares about you and your pup, she is the way to go.

Taylor D.

When it comes to training, Ally Fuhs is your girl. I have two golden retrievers and they couldn’t be more different. Ally catered her training to each dog to help them be successful. Training isn’t just a job to Ally, it’s life. Her passion for what she does is undeniable and she is definitely one of my pup’s favorite people.

Beth M.

Ally was essential to my pup's recovery after he had double knee surgery! He spent a whole summer on restrictive activities, so he forgot most everything he learned as a puppy.. Ally gave us so many ideas for indoor activities while he was unable to walk, she helped him relearn leash etiquette, taught me how to read his body language, and even helped us work through his fear of meeting new dogs after months of not socializing. That was a couple years back now, but we still utilize many tips that Ally taught us!

Aryn O.

Ally is incredible! She turned my little demon into a little angle Her knowledge of dogs and training seems vast and endless. She was available to answer all my questions and concerns all hours of the day. She taught my girl all the basic commands including sit, wait, lay down, up/ off, focus, touch, and so many other great tricks! I was so sad to leave west Michigan because I was also leaving one of the best dog trainers behind! Sophie and I will miss her and her classes dearly. I highly recommend Ally for all your training needs. If you want strangers and friends gushing about how great of a dog your 4 month old puppy is, choose Captivated Canine!

Natalie R.

Ally trained our puppy starting with basics and working through to advanced training skills. Her patience and knowledge of dogs is incredible. You really can tell is passion is training not only the dog but guiding the handler through it too! Ally has so many creative methods to stimulate your dog’s brain to keep them happy and engaged day to day. I highly recommend Ally for all of your dog training needs!

Lacey G.

Ally has worked with Kibou for the last year, knowing I really wanted to make him a therapy dog. She encouraged us all the way and made training fun and successful. It’s a process, and if you stick with it, and have a good trainer, both you and your dog grow and progress together. Ally was wonderful and I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to train their dog! From puppy basics, to advanced, Ally loves what she does and working with her will bring your dog the success you’re looking for!

Sheila D.

Ally makes training fun and had so many great tips at each level, from puppy class to advanced training. Would definitely recommend.

Laurel H.

We hired Ally for our wedding of this summer, and we had such a wonderful experience with her and her ingenious wedding service. We were stressed about having a family member handle our dog, Nova, so she could be at the wedding. Ally was the perfect solution- as a dog trainer, I felt comfortable having her handle our reactive aussie. She came to do a consultation the week before so Nova would be comfortable with her, offered cute leashes with floral accents, and went above and beyond on the day of our wedding by keeping her cool in the air conditioned car in between pictures. And I loved that Ally sent "behind the scenes" pictures and videos the next day! I had peace of mind all afternoon that our pup was well taken care of and she got to be in our pictures - my husband and I will cherish them forever!

Kenzie S. 

I don’t even have enough words to say just how thankful we are for Ally on our wedding day. She is so knowledgeable with all things pups. Our older pup is a little sassy, I often say he’s a feminist because he seems to have issues with men, and seem to get a little mouthy with them. Ally was able to keep him distracted and on task throughout the day. She was keeping him occupied while also teaching him good habits which is huge, add in a second pup to the mix and you already know that she is beyond talented. 
I can’t thank you enough for taking such good care of our babies and keeping them on track. I seriously don’t know what I would have done If we wouldn’t have had her there. If you’re even slightly considering having her at your wedding to handle and supervise your pups, do yourself a favor and have her there. You can’t put a price on her skills that she offers and the piece of mind knowing our babies were in good hands was worth every penny alone. Thank you so very much!

Courtney L. 

Ally was phenomenal with our active puppy! We were initially unsure if we would be able to have him at our wedding, but our worries were gone having her there! She helped him stay calm during our picture-taking session and the ceremony. Plus, she took adorable photos throughout the 3 hours of handling him. Our stress was drastically reduced knowing that our fur baby was in good hands. Ally supplied him with toys, treats, and rest so he felt comfortable during the day, too. Our guests also commented on how well-behaved he was. Thanks for being part of our day, Ally!

Ashley H.R. 

We hired Ally to bring our dogs to our wedding. This was a very stressful day and having them there without the added stress of taking care of them was so nice. We 100% would recommend her services to anyone! The memories with them there are something I will cherish forever and they made us so happy being around on our special day. Thanks so much Ally for making it happen! I truly don’t have enough words to show our appreciation.

Britney N. 

Testimonials: Testimonials
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